3 Bedroom Design Ideas You'll Love! February 03 2015, 0 Comments


Bedroom Design Ideas from 2015 


Bright Bedroom Colors Help!

Doesn't a bright bedroom wake you up faster. Don't be shy with the color. In many of the new homes we are often installing hardwood flooring in bright bedrooms. It is great to see these bedroom ideas come to life. If you are stuck on finding the correct colors you can check out Benjamin Moore's "Design Your Own Room" feature. This feature allows you to think outside the box and try some interesting color combination at no risk! If you are still undecided you can come into our Tweed hardwood flooring showroom where you can see 12,000 square feet of hardwood flooring in painted vignette style rooms. You will be able to see how our rustic hardwood flooring options will look with modern home decor. You might be surprised how attractive this look has become.



Being bold with a black design in your bedroom ​

  Two-Toned Hardwood Flooring- Circa 1850 Hickory If you are looking for a simple, yet elegant design don't forget black. Black can stand out and display confidence. In the picture to the side you can see a great design that uses lights, darks, and brights to liven up a room. Bedroom design ideas shouldn't be difficult. If you are looking to utilize a black bed you can accent it with grey walls and a modern wood floor to give you a very stylish look. What is so great about the floor in the picture is that it is a two-toned stain. The result is that the dark tones match the black and the light tones blend in with the rest of the room. This type of floor makes a designers job much easier. This is also the case with an exotic floor. Many of the various exotic species will have 3 or 4 distinct color variations. As beautiful as exotic woods are, you must consider whether all consumers will be equally attracted if you attempt to resell. Exotic hardwood floors are considered slightly risky due to the character they display. 




"Picking the right floor can change the entire style of your home, a bedroom especially" -Lewis Gaylord 

Patterns on the Walls in Your Bedroom

In recent years patterns have taken off. Some call it "Moroccon Theme", but it is essentially patterns...lots of patterns. In many areas of your home it is difficult to display patterns, but in your bedroom it is encouraged. Perhaps you could do an accent wall with a Persian wallpaper, or even some thick stripes. In many of the homes we are installing hardwood flooring in we are seeing one accent wall a different color. On occasion it is a darker shade of grey, or it is a pattern wall. Occasionally in a living room we see an accent wall with patterns, but it mostly occurs in the bedroom. Don't be shy in your bedroom! Display your personality and you will absolutely love your the look. 

Isn't it time to renovate?

Now that the new year has started and the Super Bowl has finished, I think you are ready. Don't be scared. We are here to help you find the perfect floor for your decor.

Written by David Gaylord.
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