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What is the best hardwood flooring? May 25 2015, 0 Comments

An Age Old Questions... What's the best hardwood flooring? 

This is an interesting question. Throughout the years at Gaylord Hardwood Flooring we've manufactured millions of square feet of hardwood flooring. Since we manufacture custom hardwood flooring, almost all of these floors have been different. Clients have the ability to choose width, gloss level, and colour. At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring you have over 400,000 different options to choose from.

So, lets get into the heart of things and give you the details on what to look for in your hardwood flooring. 

So how do you determine the best hardwood flooring style for you? 

This all depends on the look you are going for. Every home and design style are different. Here are few current flooring trends 

Now Trending: Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring 

In the past few years wide plank hardwood flooring has taken off. In particular, wide plank white oak flooring has become a staple for the wide plank flooring market. With its light color and unique grain pattern it makes for a very unique wood floor. Not only is wide plank hardwood flooring perfect for a rustic cottage home, it can look amazing with modern decor. 

Now Trending: Grey Hardwood Flooring

Grey hardwood flooring has become the flooring choice to compliment
modern home decor. We have several grey shades to choose from, as well as extremely modern two-pass grey stains. These floors complimented well with modern furniture and stainless steal appliances. 


Grey Hardwood Flooring

Now Trending: White Wash Hardwood Flooring 

White wash hardwood flooring has become a unique choice for many customers. Since the stain has a mostly two-toned aspect you get a light feel that shows off the natural characteristics of the wood. If you go with the white wash finish on wide hardwood flooring boards you won't regret it! 

Best Hardwood Flooring Quality Standards

So, a floor you see looks amazing, but how do you know the quality? Here are a few tips not to be fooled by a salesperson. 

Average Lengths of Hardwood Flooring

The average lengths of your hardwood flooring is extremely important. Imagine each board was only 2 feet long. It would look pretty choppy, wouldn't it. The first question to ask the salesperson is how long the box is that the hardwood flooring comes in. Our standard flooring comes in 8 foot boxes, with the longest boards being 8 feet. However, our specialty products come in lengths up to 10 feet. Remember, if the boxes aren't at least 8 feet the average lengths are likely very, very, very short. Also make sure to ask the salesperson the average length. Our standard 8 foot flooring has an average length of 40-48 inches.

Another thing to ask is whether the wood comes in random or set lengths. If flooring comes in set lengths you will get an odd looking floor that almost looks like laminate. Imagine only having 1 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot, and 4 foot pieces throughout a floor. Chances are that floor would develop a consistent pattern that isn't ecstatically pleasing. 

Quality of the Hardwood Flooring Finish 

Now you understand the lengths, lets get to the finish. Its very difficult to tell the difference of a hardwood flooring finish until you test it. If you take 120 grit sand paper and test out the finish you will quickly find out the quality. This is a test we always run in our showroom. We are proud of our 10-coat polyurethane titanium oxide finish. A simple tip, ask if the companies finish is titanium oxide or aluminum oxide -> titanium is stronger!!! 

Site Finish Vs. Prefinished Hardwood Flooring 

Some people believe you can't get a custom prefinished hardwood floor. This is definitely true for the big hardwood flooring manufacturers. They do huge manufacturing runs to lower costs. At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring we know you want the perfect floor and that is exactly what we provide. With our custom color options you can choose almost anything you'd like and get it prefinished. We've even done a stain to match a gentleman's car.

So what is the main difference between site finished and prefinished? Well, high quality prefinished will last substantially longer. Site finished will likely need a refresher coat every 3-5 years, whereas, prefinished can last up to 40 years. 

In addition, some believe site finished is easier to clean because it is "completely sealed". This is another common misperception. Wood is a natural product, which causes it to move within the various seasons. As a result, these site finished floors will shrink, which creates gaps between the boards and jagged edges. 

I really hope this article helped you understand what goes in to the best hardwood flooring possible. About a month ago we won the NWFA Wood Floor of the Year Award for the Best Manufacturer Factory Finish Floor. Every singe floor we manufacture has the potential to win this prestigious award, which is why Gaylord Hardwood Flooring goes through great lengths to ensure the highest quality products. 


Hardwood Floor of the Year

Owner of Gaylord Hardwood Flooring Turns 55 April 30 2015, 0 Comments

Lewis Gaylord of Gaylord Hardwood Flooring

Happy Birthday Lewis Gaylord!

He has been in business since 1985 alongside his beautiful wife, Rosemary Gaylord. Lewis has been a huge supporter of made in Canada products and always looks to source his lumber from Canada or the United States. If you happen to see Lewis on his special day make sure to wish him a happy birthday.

Lewis is known for going the extra mile to help satisfy customers. The last time I golfed with Lewis he ended up Skyping a customer to help them with their hardwood flooring installation. By the end of the round he had only taken 59 shots and declared he had shot the course record. 

Another time Lewis Gaylord went out on a Saturday to loan a nailer to a customer, who's nailer had broken. Not only did the customer finish the job... Lewis Gaylord stayed and helped. 

He is a good family man who cares for his employees, customers, and pretty much everyone else. It is a great honor to work and learn from him. 

Happy Birthday Lewis! 

Beech Hardwood Flooring Virtual Tour April 30 2015, 0 Comments

Beech Hardwood Flooring Homes

Written by David Gaylord. 
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228 Victoria St. N. Tweed, Ontario Canada 



Dark Hardwood Flooring Negatives March 25 2015, 0 Comments

Dark Hardwood Flooring is Not Family and Pet Friendly 

Written by David Gaylord.
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Gaylord Hardwood Flooring Reads Mean Tweets: 20,000 Views in a Week January 02 2015, 0 Comments

Its been about 2 weeks since we posted our "Mean Tweets" video on YouTube. If you have yet to watch it, the video is embedded at the end of this blog post.

The Stats

The video is currently at 29,283 views. Which is about 2,000 views a day.  

For a small town flooring manufacturer that's a lot. However, we aren't in it for the views or the publicity. We did it to get a good laugh and show a few harsh words won't bring us down. 

If any of the individuals did a little research it would be pretty obvious the owner of the company, Lewis Gaylord, named it Gaylord Hardwood Flooring after his family name. The three individuals reading the tweets are Lewis Gaylord, David Gaylord, and Greg Gaylord. All of whom work for the family business and take great pride in the family name. 

Lewis Gaylord, "the boss", is clearly the star of the show. He wanted me to clear the record and make sure everyone knows he's not actually mean, just had to act like it in the video. He says "I was in character... I'm a good actor...". Who knows, maybe someday he will make it to Hollywood.

The feedback we have received is incredible...

Here are a comments from our Facebook page: 


"Masterfully done! A tip of the hat to you all."

"Lol you guys are hilarious"

"Haha. Maybe your video will get picked up on jimmy kimmell"


A few tweets: 


" Cute video - love the humor!"
" LOVE your video, genius, and love your hardwood flooring in our home. Keep the videos coming. "
" just saw your video, made me chuckle. Keep strong and keep up the good work!"

Not only did the video take off locally, it made it all the way to Ireland and England. A nice little article was written about us on Joe.ie, Ireland's first and only men's lifestyle website. Another was written on The Lad Bible, an online community, that has over 7 million likes on Facebook. 

We usually specialize in hardwood flooring videos, but sometimes its fun to mix it up. I hope everyone got a good laugh out of the video. Make sure to share it with your friends, so they can have a laugh too. 

If you want to contact us send a tweet, Facebook message, or fill out this form. 



Written by David Gaylord.
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Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring for your Cottage or Home December 30 2014, 0 Comments


Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring for your Cottage or Home! 

 There’s nothing better than spending beautiful summer days at the cottage. The cottage is the perfect place for gathering with friends and family, relaxing and above all just escaping from the realities of everyday life. The last thing you want to do at your cottage is worry about anything, let alone your hardwood flooring.

What makes a hardwood floor great for the cottage? 

At Gaylord Hardwood flooring we’ve created the perfect floor for your cottage. Whether you have a lakefront home or a cabin in the woods, our Live Sawn white oak is the perfect floor for you. The live sawn cut is a method of sawing lumber we’ve borrowed from European craftsman of past centuries. Its rustic charm is fitting for a country setting and the distressed finishes will stand up to any family gathering. Most of all, it is the ideal option due to its incredible stability. This flooring isn’t limited to cottage or rustic applications; we’ve also installed it in very modern settings. Many clients have modern décor, but enjoy the low maintenance factors of a more rustic floor like our live sawn oak.


How can hardwood flooring come in such wide planks?

The live sawn cut works in a slightly different matter than the plain sawn. Instead of turning the log to saw the clearest boards like you would in a plain sawn floor, you cut directly through the heart of the log for live sawn oak. Plain sawn flooring is generally the clearest of defects, but will be the least stable. It would likely not be a good idea for an environment where the humidity fluctuates, like in a three-season cottage or lakefront home.


What is this "live sawn" method for Wide Plank Hardwood?

Our live sawn oak is sawn directly through the log so it incorporates all different grain patterns including some plain sawn. Most of the live sawn board is quarter and rift sawn with some plain sawn grain in the centre. The quarter sawn grain is vertical which means it will expand and contract vertically which on a ¾” floor board is very minimal. Since the majority of the live sawn boards are quarter sawn, they are very stable, which is why we are comfortable making them up to 11.5 inches wide in solid wood. To put the different stability of these two ways of sawing lumber into perspective, consider, a 4” plain sawn board will expand and contact as much as a 7” live sawn board. Another incredible characteristic of the live sawn is that we make it in lengths up to 10 feet with the average length between 6-7 feet. These long boards are ideal in avoiding a choppy looking floor.

 Watch this video about Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

To recap, the live sawn white oak is a perfect floor for your home or cottage because: of its rustic charm, its durability, and it’s incredible stability. Check out this blog to find the best gloss, hardness, and color of hardwood flooring for you. 



Written by David Gaylord.
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228 Victoria St. N. Tweed, Ontario