Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring for your Cottage or Home December 30 2014, 0 Comments



Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring for your Cottage or Home! 

 There’s nothing better than spending beautiful summer days at the cottage. The cottage is the perfect place for gathering with friends and family, relaxing and above all just escaping from the realities of everyday life. The last thing you want to do at your cottage is worry about anything, let alone your hardwood flooring.

What makes a hardwood floor great for the cottage? 

At Gaylord Hardwood flooring we’ve created the perfect floor for your cottage. Whether you have a lakefront home or a cabin in the woods, our Live Sawn white oak is the perfect floor for you. The live sawn cut is a method of sawing lumber we’ve borrowed from European craftsman of past centuries. Its rustic charm is fitting for a country setting and the distressed finishes will stand up to any family gathering. Most of all, it is the ideal option due to its incredible stability. This flooring isn’t limited to cottage or rustic applications; we’ve also installed it in very modern settings. Many clients have modern décor, but enjoy the low maintenance factors of a more rustic floor like our live sawn oak.


How can hardwood flooring come in such wide planks?

The live sawn cut works in a slightly different matter than the plain sawn. Instead of turning the log to saw the clearest boards like you would in a plain sawn floor, you cut directly through the heart of the log for live sawn oak. Plain sawn flooring is generally the clearest of defects, but will be the least stable. It would likely not be a good idea for an environment where the humidity fluctuates, like in a three-season cottage or lakefront home.


What is this "live sawn" method for Wide Plank Hardwood?

Our live sawn oak is sawn directly through the log so it incorporates all different grain patterns including some plain sawn. Most of the live sawn board is quarter and rift sawn with some plain sawn grain in the centre. The quarter sawn grain is vertical which means it will expand and contract vertically which on a ¾” floor board is very minimal. Since the majority of the live sawn boards are quarter sawn, they are very stable, which is why we are comfortable making them up to 11.5 inches wide in solid wood. To put the different stability of these two ways of sawing lumber into perspective, consider, a 4” plain sawn board will expand and contact as much as a 7” live sawn board. Another incredible characteristic of the live sawn is that we make it in lengths up to 10 feet with the average length between 6-7 feet. These long boards are ideal in avoiding a choppy looking floor.

 Watch this video about Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

To recap, the live sawn white oak is a perfect floor for your home or cottage because: of its rustic charm, its durability, and it’s incredible stability. Check out this blog to find the best gloss, hardness, and color of hardwood flooring for you. 



Written by David Gaylord.
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