Gaylord Hardwood Flooring Reads Mean Tweets: 20,000 Views in a Week January 02 2015, 0 Comments


Its been about 2 weeks since we posted our "Mean Tweets" video on YouTube. If you have yet to watch it, the video is embedded at the end of this blog post.

The Stats

The video is currently at 29,283 views. Which is about 2,000 views a day.  

For a small town flooring manufacturer that's a lot. However, we aren't in it for the views or the publicity. We did it to get a good laugh and show a few harsh words won't bring us down. 

If any of the individuals did a little research it would be pretty obvious the owner of the company, Lewis Gaylord, named it Gaylord Hardwood Flooring after his family name. The three individuals reading the tweets are Lewis Gaylord, David Gaylord, and Greg Gaylord. All of whom work for the family business and take great pride in the family name. 

Lewis Gaylord, "the boss", is clearly the star of the show. He wanted me to clear the record and make sure everyone knows he's not actually mean, just had to act like it in the video. He says "I was in character... I'm a good actor...". Who knows, maybe someday he will make it to Hollywood.

The feedback we have received is incredible...

Here are a comments from our Facebook page: 


"Masterfully done! A tip of the hat to you all."

"Lol you guys are hilarious"

"Haha. Maybe your video will get picked up on jimmy kimmell"


A few tweets: 


" Cute video - love the humor!"
" LOVE your video, genius, and love your hardwood flooring in our home. Keep the videos coming. "
" just saw your video, made me chuckle. Keep strong and keep up the good work!"

Not only did the video take off locally, it made it all the way to Ireland and England. A nice little article was written about us on, Ireland's first and only men's lifestyle website. Another was written on The Lad Bible, an online community, that has over 7 million likes on Facebook. 

We usually specialize in hardwood flooring videos, but sometimes its fun to mix it up. I hope everyone got a good laugh out of the video. Make sure to share it with your friends, so they can have a laugh too. 

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Written by David Gaylord.
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