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Ash Hardwood Flooring

Fact Sheet: Ash Hardwood Flooring 



Ash Flooring Information

Specification of Ash  

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring: 2 1/4", 3 1/4", 4 1/4", 5" 
  • Lengths in Solid: Up to 7 feet 
Ash is a floor we have been manufacturing for years. Unfortunately the specie is under attack from the Emerald Ash Borer. This means there is a large amount of Ash lumber being cut making the price slightly less. In appearance Ash is very similar to Oak, but with a lighter tone. With a stain Ash Hardwood Flooring looks almost identical to Oak Hardwood Flooring. Ash is actually slightly harder, on the Janka Scale, than Red Oak. 

Ash Hardwood Flooring Video

Check out our Ash Hardwood Flooring video to get a better idea of the style and features offered. Our YouTube page has several videos about hardwood flooring species, installation methods, and best practices. At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring we want you to make the best choice! 

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