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Quality Hardwood Flooring Differences

What Makes quality Hardwood Flooring? 

Gaylord Flooring

LNG Flooring

You buy the exact product you want

  • Products are made to order for you
  • Specialty products like wide plank oak and ¾” engineered are available

You buy what they have

  • Products are in stock and are sold as all sales final, cash and carry, with no returns
  • Products can not be “ordered in”

The absolute best quality hardwood flooring

  • Longest lengths up to 8 feet with an average length between 40-48 inches

Good Quality

  • Products made to compete with the Big Box Stores and cheap imported products
  • Products are not the same quality as regular Gaylord material

Quality, professional, and guaranteed installations

  • Custom installations available
  • More certified installers than any company in Canada

No installation services available

Customer service and satisfaction are the biggest priority.

  • Any warrantable issues will be repaired in a prompt and professional manner

Manufacturer’s warranty will be strictly followed and enforced.

  • Site inspection will take place and replacement boards will be supplied for issues that are deemed warrantable

Transition pieces and flush floor vents

  • Custom stained to match your flooring
  • Exact lengths required

Transition pieces

  • Available in unfinished oak and maple only
  • 2.5’ to 4’ lengths with 10’ pieces available at a surcharge


  • Arranged at the time of the order in a flexible timeframe that suits the clients needs
  • Delivery charges are very low


  • Arranged at the time of purchased and arranged around LNG’s delivery schedule
  • Delivery charges are reasonable but significantly higher than those charged by Gaylord