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Sucupira Hardwood Flooring

Fact Sheet: Sucupira Hardwood Flooring


Sucupira Flooring Information

Specification of Sucupira 

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring:3 1/4", 4", 5" 
  • Lengths in Solid: Up to 7 feet 


Sucupira is one of our most popular exotic hardwood flooring options. Sucupira, also known as Brazilian Wild Walnut, has a beautiful brown tone with light shades throughout it. Many of the exotic flooring options come in red tones that some consumers don't desire. The Sucupira solves this problem. The relatively neutral color tone works well with almost all home decors. Yellow compliment pieces work particularly well with Brazilian Wild Walnut. The owner of the company, Lewis Gaylord, actually has a Sucupira distressed floor in his home. When you go with Sucupira for your floor decor you will not be disappointed! 

Exotic Hardwood Flooring Video 

Check out our video on all of the exotic hardwood flooring species. These products are extremely dense and durable making them a great flooring option for pets and busy households. If you have any other questions contact our flooring experts at our flooring stores across Ontario. 

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