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Why Gaylord Hardwood Flooring?

Ontario Hardwood Flooring

Longest Hardwood Flooring Lengths 

Gaylord Hardwood Flooring is known for having the longest board lengths in the hardwood flooring industry.  Long board lengths can take a wood floor from being a feature in your home to being a centerpiece.  The average board lengths in most of our products are more than double the industry standard.  Long board lengths are an essential floor décor component in wide plank flooring to give you a beautiful flowing look.  The boards in our wide plank flooring come in lengths up to 10 feet.

 Quality Ontario Wood Flooring

Most Durable Hardwood Flooring Finish 

One of the most important aspects of hardwood flooring is the finish, because that is essentially what you are walking on.  Gaylord Hardwood Flooring has 10 coats of polyurethane with titanium oxide, making it one of the most durable finishes in the industry.  Our finish is guaranteed for 40-years and contains no harmful VOC’s like many offshore hardwood flooring products.

Best Customer Service in the Industry 

At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring we pride ourselves on our amazing customer service.  Most websites selling hardwood flooring are simply that; websites.  They have no warehouse, no inventory, and no customer service.  All of the flooring we are selling is our own and not drop shipped from a third party warehouse.  We have inspected every piece of flooring and are very proud to have it installed in your home.  We welcome you to contact us before, during and after installation.  Our professional sales staff would love to skype or facetime with you, to help you with your installation or give a tour of one of our three award winning showrooms.  We have over 400,000 different standard hardwood flooring options and are constantly working with designers and coming up with new custom flooring to create your perfect floor décor.