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Wide Plank White Oak Flooring

Fact Sheet: Wide Plank White Oak Hardwood Flooring

 What is Wide Plank White Oak? 

Our wide plank white oak comes in widths up to 11.5" wide. We are able to create these beautiful plank floors, as we saw the lumber in a special way. Since the Livesawn White Oak is a specialty cut the wood does not move in the usual manner. This is why Gaylord Hardwood Flooring is allowed to use such wide boards. These wide boards are less susceptible to cupping and warping. Not only are these boards incredibly stable, but they give an a beautiful rustic hardwood floor. The planks come with small filled knots and a remarkable amount of quarter sawn wood. 
 How it works... 
This image is the regular plain saw method. It works by sawing around the outside edge of the lumber. The goal of this is to get the clearest lumber. The result is very few knots and a circular grain pattern, especially in the oak. This is the most efficient way to saw lumber. However, it does not make for the most stable hardwood flooring, especially in wider boards. In the plain sawn method it is difficult to go with boards of 5 inches wide. 
This image is the live sawn method of sawing the wide plank hardwood flooring. The result of the live sawn is that you get a circular grain in the middle of the board and a quarter sawn grain on the outside of each board. Approximately 70% of each board is quarter sawn wood making it incredibly stable. In understandable terms, this means that the quarter sawn areas on the boards will move up and down with the grain, making them extremely stable. This is why we are able to do the live sawn in wide planks up to 11.5 inches wide. 



 Wide Plank White Oak Color Options

Natural Wide Plank White Oak 

The natural white oak has no stain whatsoever. This makes for a beautiful light white oak floor that will brighten up any room. With the natural characteristics of the live sawn white oak you will get a rustic wide plank floor. 

Champagne Wide Plank White Oak

The champagne stain is our lightest on the white oak. It is a "white wash" style, where white stain is added and slightly sanded off. The result is a really light, white floor that can add light to any room. This is a very trendy option in the floor decor category. 

Beach Sand Wide Plank White Oak 

The beach sand stain is the next lightest next to the champagne stain. It is also a "white wash" finish, but this time more of the initial white stain is sanded off. The result is a natural looking floor with more of a two toned stain. This floor would be considered the middle ground between the natural white oak and the champagne white oak. 

1850 Natural Wide Plank White Oak 

The 1850 natural stain is one of our "two toned" flooring stain options. The initial stain is black, which is sanded off and then prefinished. This white oak option does not receive a second stain, but is finished natural. The result is a really rustic wide plank floor with a reclaimed wide plank look. 

1850 Gran Marnier Wide Plank White Oak 

The 1850 Gran Marnier stain is another one of our "two toned" flooring stain options. This stain tends to show a good contrast between the lighter and darker tones. When working with interior designers this is a common favorite. This floor is also among one of our most rustic wide plank floors. 

1850 Circa Wide Plank White Oak

The 1850 Circa stain is another "two toned" flooring stain options. This one tends to have more of the black stain left on. The result is a darker wide plank floor that is still easy to maintain. This is my personal favorite. On wide boards it is very rustic, but can also look very modern. 


 Wide Plank White Oak Flooring Showrooms 

Ottawa Wide Plank Flooring


1843 Merivale Road, 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

Kingston Wide Plank Flooring Showroom

1407 John Counter Blvd,

Kingston, Ontario, Canada