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Ash Storm 5" Tavern Grade Wire Brushed Matte Finish

$6.49 CAD / sq ft

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Ash is very similar in look to Oak and slightly more durable.  It has a little bit more colour variation. The low sheen and textured finish makes it a wonderful low maintenance option, perfect for kids and pets.  The pricing of our ash flooring is excellent and we are saving trees from being destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer making it a Green alternative


Lengths - Up to 84" (26-32" Average Length)

Sheen- 13% Matte Finish

Finish- Textured Wire Brushed

Thickness- 3/4" Solid Hardwood

Character- Colour variation with knots, and checks

*If you prefer a similar look but no knots we would suggest you order Prime Grade Ash

Warranty- 40-Year Finish

Installation- On or above grade

Installation Method- Nail or Staple

Ease of Installation- Easy

Maintenance- Easy

Waste- 5-8%

Janka Hardness- 1320

Box Size- 22.5 square feet


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Ash Storm 5" Tavern Grade Wire Brushed Matte Finish