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Ash Thunderstorm 1850 4-1/4" $1.99/sqft Tavern Grade Matte Finish

$340.29 CAD

LOT of 171 Square Feet

Ash is very similar in look to Oak and slightly more durable.  The Thunderstorm 1850 colour is a mixture of brown and grey which gives a beautiful colour that brings out the characteristics in the Heritage grade. The pricing of our ash flooring is excellent and we are saving trees from being destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer making it a Green alternative.  


Lengths - Up to 84" (18-24" Average Length)

Sheen- 13% Matte Finish

Finish- Smooth

Thickness- 3/4" Solid Hardwood

Character- Colour variation with knots, cracks, and checks

*If you prefer longer lengths and a similar look we would suggest Gaylord Country Grade

*If you prefer something with colour variation with no knots and minimal checks and cracks we would suggest the Gaylord Prime Grade

Warranty- No warranty on heritage grade

Installation- On or above grade

Installation Method- Nail or Staple

Ease of Installation- Easy

Maintenance- Easy

Waste- 10%

Janka Hardness- 1320

Box Size- 19 square feet





Our goal is to provide all information needed to assist you in making the right flooring choice. Heritage grade is our lowest grade of flooring. Other companies may call it tavern, cabin or rustic. Our heritage grade is much shorter than our country and prime grades and usually averages between 20-24”long with few pieces longer than 36”. It also will have cracks, open knots, color variation, occasional partially missing tongues . We recommend this grade for Do It Yourself customers who want good value and are willing to take the extra time to do the installation. By putting the best pieces in the most visible areas and the less desirable pieces in the closets and less noticed areas the floor will look nice.  We recommend adding  10% to your actual measurements to allow for waste.  We don’t intentionally put unusable pieces in the boxes but there may be pieces that you may decide not to use.

If you purchase a heritage floor and you are having someone else do the installation you must tell them exactly what you bought to avoid issues the day the install is to begin.  Because of the short pieces and character the floor takes more time to install and for Installers time is money.

Be sure it is not just the price you like. If you are not 100% sure the heritage grade is for you we would suggest moving up to the country grade with longer lengths and less character

Since 2002 the Ash Emerald Borer has been infesting and killing most ash trees in North America. Working closely with our lumber suppliers we have been turning this beautiful wood into flooring. In the normal sustainable harvesting method most of these trees would not be cut but because they are dying there is no alternative.  When cutting the smaller trees we are only able to produce normal industry standard lengths of 1-7’.

At this time the supply of ash lumber is starting to be less available.  I would expect this trend to continue and as it becomes scarce the price will go much higher.

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Ash Thunderstorm 1850 4-1/4" <font color="#ff0000">$1.99/sqft</font> Tavern Grade Matte Finish <br> LOT OF 171 SQFT