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Guajuvira Natural 4" Prime Grade Satin Finish

$11.25 CAD / sq ft

We currently have 1443.0 sq ft in stock.

Guajuvira, also known as Brazilian Walnut, is a one of a kind floor.  With it's extreme colour variation, it is definitely the focus of any room.  This floor is incredibly versatile in that it has the ability to make any room look both modern and formal, this floor adds sophistication to any decor! 


Lengths - up to 7' (avg 28" to 30")

Sheen- 25% Satin finish

Finish - Smooth

Thickness - 3/4" Solid Hardwood

Character- Extreme Color variation, checks, and width variations

Warranty - 40-Year Finish

Installation - On or above grade

Installation Method- 1.5" Nails due to Hardness

Ease of Installation- Difficult

Box Size- 18.5/box

Maintenance- Medium

Waste- 5-7%

Janka hardness- 3680




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Guajuvira Natural 4" Prime Grade Satin Finish