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Hickory Hazel 2-1/4" Prime Grade Wire Brushed Matte Finish

$4.99 CAD / sq ft

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Hickory is the hardest North American wood we offer.  Its durability and unique grain pattern make it a very popular specie of wood for us.  The grain pattern is right between maple and oak making it a perfect compromise for people who want the timeless charm of oak but prefer something not quite as busy.  Our hazel stain option is a beautiful warm tone that will go with any décor; it brings out the natural characteristic of the hickory flooring.


Lengths - Up to 90" (28-34" Average Length)

Widths - 2-1/4"

Sheen- 13% Matte Finish

Texture- Distressed

Thickness- 3/4" Solid or Engineered Hardwood

Character - Colour variation with mineral streaks and occasional Woodpecker marks

Warranty- 40-Year Finish

Installation - On or above grade

Installation Method - Nail down

Ease of Installation- Medium

Maintenance- Low

Waste- 5-7%

Janka Hardness- 1820

Box Size- 21 square feet

****This Flooring Can Be Pre-Purchased When Out of Stock. Please Allow Up To 6 Weeks For Delivery****


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Hickory Hazel 2-1/4" Prime Grade Wire Brushed Matte Finish