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Jatoba Rose 3.25" Prime Grade Wire Brushed Matte Finish

$4.99 CAD / sq ft

We currently have 2707.25 sq ft in stock.

Jatoba or (Brazilian Cherry) is one of the finest exotic species available at Gaylord's. The Rose stain brings out the rich red tones, colour variation and shows off the unique grain.  It is also very dense so it will be less prone to dents in the unfortunate event something is dropped. Jatoba is a great option when choosing a hardwood that will be much better at hiding potential scratches and dents. Jatoba contains natural oils that will slowly mature and change colour over time. The speed at which this change occurs relies almost entirely on how much light it is exposed to. When it is freshly installed the colour will be much lighter and within about a year or two, reach the rich red tones.


Lengths - up to 84" (avg 32 to 38")

Sheen- 13% Matte finish

Finish - Distressed

Thickness - 3/4" Solid Hardwood

Character- Extreme Color variation, checks, and width variations

Warranty - 40-Year Finish

Installation - On or above grade

Installation Method- 1.5" Nails due to Hardness

Ease of Installation- Difficult

Box Size - 22.75 square feet

Maintenance- Medium

Waste- 5-7%

Janka hardness- 2350


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Jatoba Rose 3.25" Prime Grade Wire Brushed Matte Finish